Our Technologies

  • Range testing instrumentation
  • Security systems/networks
  • Synchronized telecommunication networks
  • Time base equipment
  • Atomic frequency and time sources
  • Airborne and ground telemetry systems
  • Antenna tracking systems
  • Sophisticated security telecommunication systems
  • GPS systems
  • Electro-optics systems analysis & design

RangeCom Solutions

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    RangeCom is fully committed to providing solutions that are as diverse as our customer base, which consists of defense establishments and homeland security institutions, traffic and transport organizations, public and private emergency services organizations, leisure and utility structures companies and more.
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    We meet this objective by keeping the customer involved throughout the project and by encouraging customer interaction and feedback at all stages. We deliver unique tailored solutions using only the most advanced technology and user-friendly interfaces.
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    Our combined experience customer, commitment and proven track record have helped boost RangeCom’s reputation for transforming unique and complex needs into fully operational systems - on time, on budget and according to spec.

Services overview


Our combined background provides us with vast knowledge to enable implementation of any project in this changing and challenging market.


RangeCom is a leading Traffic Management Systems consultant offering the following support and services to its customers: ITS (Intelligent Traffic Systems) development/upgrades, improving metropolitan traffic flows, improving driver safety information systems, traffic cameras, traffic speed and capacity sensors, traffic lights command and control, integration of command and control centers, parking zones, tunnels CCTV and telecom equipment.

Commercial Solutions

RangeCom’s strength lies in our extensive knowledge and unmatched ability to plan and design complex audio-visual control systems. We have a track record for delivering technologically savvy communication systems, telemetry solutions, display and control projects, on time and within budget.

Security Solutions

We deliver smart solutions, using advanced technologies to address a wide range of security requirements for command rooms, control rooms, mobile units, telemetry stations, CCTV systems and more. RangeCom's proven record of successful installations spans a wide range of businesses and industries including: banks, government and military institutions, academic institutions, hospitals, corporations and more.


RangeCom is vastly skilled and experienced with critical communication systems, focusing mainly on high-value, customer-specific on-site communications solutions.